Motion Electric Motor Services to perform upgrades to Bruce Power standby generators

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We are very happy to share the good news!  Motion Electric Motor Services has signed two major contracts with Bruce Power: one for the refurbishment of standby generators and another for the repair of safety related electric motors (QL1) as well as other electric motors and generators.  The contract is valued at $17million and will trigger investments of $1,4milion in … Read More


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Motion Electric Motor Services is teaming with the elevator maintenance experts helping them their job with confidence the the electric motor their equipment critically depends on is reliable and safe. We are the electric motor expert supporting the elevator experts. We offer an Electric Motor Consignment Service, ensuring that a motor is always avaliable for a quick swap. Our field … Read More


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With over 70 000 possible products manufactured by the petrochemical and chemical industries either fueling vehicles or other manufacturers’ supply chain, it is safe to say that every plant has its own challenges. Nevertheless, they all face a global competition, strict environmental regulation and immense pressure to maximize their production with optimally low resource consumption. In many plants, critical high … Read More


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Forest and paper product industries are going through unprecedented changes. With mostly aging plants and long-term changes to the demand, it has become apparent, during the last few decades that habits of the past could no longer continue. Sensitivity to business cycles has increased and environmental legislation are pushing plants to be more productive while using less resources. Mills cannot … Read More


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Steel, aluminum and other alloys are at the center or our lives. These industries are mature and most of the plants were first erected many decades ago. The metals and steel markets, on the other hand, have become more and more competitive with the arrival of new players, whether buyers or producers. The pressure to lower prices translate into pressure … Read More


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The mining and aggregates industries provide the world with indispensable materials to our daily lives. Their economic importance is indisputable and they are often the economic pillars of small communities in remote areas. As the commodity-material markets become more and more global, the pressure to lower costs, improve energy efficiency and ensure work safety grows.