24/7 emergency services

Motion Electric Motor Services understands that unplanned production downtime is the nightmare of any manager.  That is why we commit to promptly deploy our expertise at your site or in our shop when needed.  Our mission is to protect your productivity and we take every step to ensure that this is achieved.

  • Emergency winding
  • Coil bypass
  • Insulation system repair
  • Babbitt bearing replacement/ repair
  • Machining
  • Coil manufacturing
  • Bearing replacement
  • Seal replacement
  • Gear replacement
  • Commutator machining
  • Shaft grounding
  • Unit dismantling/ Installation
  • Verification prior to operation (VPO)
  • Etc.

Custom critical equipment contingency plan

It is sometimes difficult and expensive to have spare electric motors for all critical applications.  And when these units fail, the search for a repair shop in panic mode becomes a time-consuming and money wasting process. All the while, the plant is not producing.

Motion Electric Motor Services has developed a set of solutions to help its customers identify critical units and plan maintenance and failure contingency plans to ensure that everything is in place to minimize repair time, should a failure occur. All of this can be done calmly with the plant still running, which allows for better decisions and smarter budgeting.

Treat yourself to some peace of mind; contact us to discuss how we can be of help with your critical units!