Cranes and elevators

“Safety and reliability” is the fundamental credo of the elevators and cranes industry.  Lifting heavy loads or people comes with great responsibility.

As condos and business towers take over our city sky lines, our daily lives depends increasingly on reliable and safe elevators.  As our industrial sectors grow, workers need to lift and move heavy loads to keep our economy in motion.  In any case, downtime or failure can have catastrophic consequences.

Motion Electric Motor Services is teaming with elevator maintenance experts helping them perform their jobs with confidence, knowing that the electric motor their equipment critically depends on is reliable and safe. We are the electric motor expert supporting the elevator experts.  We offer an Electric Motor Consignment Service, ensuring that a motor is always available for a quick swap.  Our field service teams dismantle, install and perform predictive and preventive tests on all types of electric motors, no matter how hard to reach they are.  Some of the most impressive towers in the world put their confidence in Motion Electric Motor Services for the repair and maintenance of their electric motors!

Eiffel Tower, Paris

CN Tower, Toronto

Industry-specific application

  • Elevator electric motors with or without brakes
  • Crane motors, AC & DC
  • Generator set, AC & DC