Turbo power generation

Our modern world demands power, lots of it. Utilities are therefore under pressure to provide predictable and safe power turnouts to the grid at any given time. Even though our energy-intensive lives have greatly changed since the 1950s and 1960s, many of the turbo-generators providing energy today were actually installed during this period. A large co-generation utility can have several types of generators running with and without magnetic retaining rings. Windings come in many varieties: hydrogen-cooled, air-cooled, diamond stator coils, Roebel bar coils, self-excited, etc. Maintenance and operation literature is often hard to find –if it even exists- in a condensed and comprehensive form for such high-speed units and many operators rely on either employee(s) that have collected troubleshooting know-how through experience or on expensive OEM field services.

Turbo-generator operators are faced with various forms of wear and problems caused by dynamic stress, H2S contamination of the copper coils, chemical attack of the insulation, insulation failure, steel banding failures, etc. These problems are aggravated if the production plant is used only during peak periods as the number of start-ups increases.

Motion Electric Motor Services is here to help! We repair, rewind and upgrade turbo-generators. Because it is our job and primary mission, we have an extensive knowledge base of turbo-generators from most OEMs and we manufacture our own high-voltage coils and Roebel bars. Motion Electric’s engineers and field experts provide support to co-generation operators, whether for electrical testing, a stator and rotor rewinding or even for complete technical redesign.

Services for turbo-generators

  • Dismantling of the poles from the turbo-generator rotor
  • Removal of the insulation (safe asbestos abatement through chemical bath)
  • Core insulation
  • Coil insulation
  • Coil manufacturing
  • Removal/replacement of retaining rings
  • High-speed dynamic balancing, including overspeed
  • Electrical testing throughout the refurbishment process & final tests
  • Exciter retro-fit