DC motors and generators

DC electric motors and generators have fueled industrial production worldwide for many years now. With our vast experience and extensive data bank from all major electric motor OEMs, Motion Electric Motor Services is a key partner to maintain and protect the productivity of the critical equipment at the heart of your activities. Trust our expertise when it comes to the repair of DC electric motors and generators!

DC motor types

  • Brushed DC electric motors
  • Shunt-wound stator
  • Compound-wound stator
  • Permanent-magnet electric motors
  • Split electric motors
  • Double armature electric motors
  • DC Traction motors

Scope of work

  • Armature rewinding
  • Armature restacking
  • Field pole rewinding
  • Shunt field pole rewinding
  • Main field pole rewinding
  • Commutator machining and undercutting
  • Commutator bar replacement
  • Equalizer manufacture
  • Equalizer tray replacement
  • Commutator replacement
  • rush gear refurbishment
  • Brush/ brush holder replacement
  • Commutator flash over problem troubleshooting
  • Various brush problem troubleshooting
  • Unit cleaning

Available tests and reliability audit

  • Commutator profiler
  • Bar-to-bat resistance
  • Bar-to-bar drop test
  • Field stator volt drop test
  • Neutral setting verification
  • DC neutral point setting