Metals and steel

Steel, aluminum and other alloys are at the centre of our lives. These industries are mature and most of the plants were first erected many decades ago. The metal and steel markets, however, have become more and more competitive with the arrival of new stakeholders, whether buyers or producers. The pressure to lower prices translates into pressure to produce more, at lower costs and with shorter lead times. Aging production lines are therefore pushed to their extreme limits, working harder than their original designs intended.  In addition, they are expected to do so with minimum unplanned downtime.

Many of the electric motors used when the plants were designed are not available anymore and equivalent replacements are different in size and ratios, if available at all. This greatly increases in-line production vulnerability.

In this context, reliability is paramount. Motion Electric Motor Services offers a broad expertise in the repair, overhaul and reliability of industry-specific motors such as split DC motors, front-to-back equalizer armatures, double armatures and custom-made units. We deliver professional reliability audits to pin-point maintenance priorities and adapt repair and winding procedures to ensure that all units can withstand operational demands. Motion Electric also reverse-engineers and manufactures complete units or drop-in replacement components thus reducing replacement lead time.

Trust Motion Electric Motor Services to protect your productivity!

Industry-specific motors we service

  • Front-to-back equalizer armature
  • Clam shell DC motors
  • Motor-generator set (MG set)
  • Molded equalizer tray
  • Involute riser redesign and remanufacture
  • Blast furnace motors
  • Duplex armature
  • Triplex armature
  • Finishing mill electric motors
  • Coiler electric motors
  • Rolling mill electric motors
  • Stack fan electric motors
  • Crane electric motors
  • Piercer electric motors
  • Cold strip mill electric motors
  • Compressor electric motors
  • Run out table electric motors
  • Mandrill electric motors
  • Stir molds electric motors
  • Rougher electric motors
  • Dry-type reactors