Pulp & paper / Forest products

Forest and paper product industries are going through unprecedented changes. With mostly aging plants and long-term changes to demand, it has become apparent, over the last few decades that habits of the past could no longer continue. Sensitivity to business cycles has increased and environmental legislation is pushing plants to be more productive while using less resources. Mills cannot afford to be let down by their paper machines, refiners, pumps and conveyers while demanding increased uptime from their equipment.

Reliability, predictive and preventive maintenance as well as detailed condition audits of critical motors and generators are paramount. Motion Electric Motor Services provides a complete maintenance and repair service as well as support to local maintenance teams. We work hand in hand to ensure that critical refiner and paper machine motors are optimally available for production. We are an ABB Authorized Service Centre, our technicians can perform ABB maintenance L1 to L4 on synchronous machines.

Motion Electric Motor Services is working to protect your productivity because we know that unplanned downtime is expensive.

Pulp and paper applications we service

  • Refiner motors
  • Paper machine AC and DC motors
  • Chipper motors (bark hogs motor)
  • Shredder motors
  • Pulverizer motors
  • Bridle roll motor
  • Calander motors
  • Pulp mill grinder motors
  • Vacuum pump motors